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Here at Word Scatter you can play a fun word game by your self, against friends in the same room as you, and even against friends any where in the world. Word Scatter, being a word game, is great for school as it helps enhance your reading and vocabulary an a fun way.

Boggle is a registered trademark of Hasbro. WordScatter.com is in no way affiliated with Hasbro. WordScatter.com offers a variant of Boggle in a free online setting, with different rules and game play, as well as other differences. If you are looking for the traditional Boggle, please visit www.hasbro.com.

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Game Rules
  • Words must be real English words to count.
  • Words that are not in our library (of over 265,000 words) will result in a 10 point penalty.
  • Words much be made up of letters that are touching each other on the game board.
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